Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello Denmark, hello USA, hello China, hello UK, everyone else, in short, hello World!!!

You are many and you are Souls of Light, you are all over the world, displaced on the energetic places of the grid. We are an immense Tribe and we are the Light of the world, the Warriors of the Spirit, called for the end of the dark times.  Come Ancient Souls, accept the Call, leave behind your false identity and have the courage to say who you are! Create your Tribe, it is time to call the covenants and then all together, we will unify the world, flooding the grid with Light. Come on Unifiers, if you feel the message is for you, begin. It is time. It is time to share the message.

Heal and release and then rise up!, the Time has come! You are the Light that heals.

We love you


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